Born in Barcelona in 1965, Mayte Martín belongs to that unique category of artists who have neither the need or the inclination to record an album every two years to survive; nor to leave an indelible impression on the audiences of today or tomorrow.


Today, she is one of the most respected cantaoras on the flamenco scene; endorsed by critical acclaim, the collective support of her fans and an interesting collection of awards. But broader recognition comes from the public, who cherish her beautiful, serene and nuance-filled cante.


Breaking the mould since she first took to the stage: she nurtures and defends an unusual philosophy and concept of the profession, quite unlike any other in the world of flamenco. Her artistic aesthetics and discourse are held as a pioneering cornerstone of “Catalan flamenco “, and a point of reference for the new generation of young flamenco artists.

Words we associate with Mayte Martín in any of her guises: elegance, temperance, delicacy, virtuosity, emotional charge, artistic honesty.


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