Cosas de dos


To all of you, for allowing yourselves to be swept up by my enthusiasm and for making my cause your own.


Nelsa, Chico, Guillermo, Vicens, Olvido, Marc… Thank you for your involvement and for the privilege of sharing love and respect, in equal parts, beside you.


Thank you, Isabel, for always being with me, no matter where we go… For all the love invested and shared in this magical journey, and those in the past and the future.


To Dolores, for both the love and the adventures we’ve shared keeping a copy of my inventory under lock and key.


To my cousins, Alicia and Ángel, thank you for always being there, handing out cherries and love on tiptoes.


To Montse, Gemma, Pilar, Almudena, Magda, Ester… For being there, for understanding, for sustaining my moments, my days and my years.


To Itziar… Because the essential things remain even when the seasons change, and the landscape is bathed in different colours.


To Elsa and Marga, Isabel and Irina, Olga, Juanjo and Remei. For your affection, your help, and your unconditional support.


To Itziar Minguez, for helping me to call the emotions by name.


To Clara Sandaran and Raquel de Diego Picó, for helping me to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.


To Alicia Torra de Larrocha and Carma Juncá… For believing in me and for making this your challenge.


To those who made this CD theirs before it even existed. Thank you for an act of love that feeds my desire to share what comes from the soul.


Mayte Martín

MAYTE MARTÍN and NELSA BARÓ musical direction
NELSA BARÓ musical arrangements
MARC RIGAU sound technician at the concerts
JOAN CASANOVAS and MARC RIGAU mixed at the “Turistas Sonoros” studios
MARC RIGAU in August, the technical producer
ISABEL CAMPS executive production and patience
ISABEL CAMPS photography and graphic design


The version of “Lia” included on this album was recorded at the Luz de Gas concert on the10th of September 2011. No other version ever surpassed it for emotion.



Hiring Isabel Camps. +34 646 063 634


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