De fuego y de agua


I think it was April 2005 when I received the news that the Labèque sisters wanted to collaborate with me on a project based on Spanish music.


My heart swelled with pride when I realised that among all the voices that Katia and Marielle could have chosen to bring their project to life, they chose mine. I can honestly say that if I had to choose today, between experiencing either the human or the artistic side of the Labèque sisters, I would choose the first. I have never met two more charming, exquisite, generous women in possession of such extraordinary talent and compassion.


Joan Albert Amargós set up the meeting, and the three of us began to work together in the old fashioned way: slowly, with respect and subtlety. We created the show’s repertoire and aesthetics without a single misunderstanding or conflict of interest. The three of us wanted the same thing, and we set out to achieve it hand in hand; relishing every moment as our project grew and became ever more beautiful right in front of our eyes.


Every idea, every proposal, every rehearsal and fusion was a significant event for me. Throughout the time I shared with them I was aware of how fortunate I was and of how much I had wanted something like this to happen to me my entire life. I have always been drawn to classical music, and I think my way of performing flamenco shares its spirit and lyricism. Katia and Marielle, who discovered my voice listening to my tracks on compilation records, asked to include some of my other songs in our repertoire. And so I offered them some unreleased tracks with a thoroughly and intentionally classical sound that I had written for voice and string quintet back in 1995 and then placed in the hands of the marvellous Amargós so that he could, once again, work his magic with the arrangements. The three they chose are on this album.


Mayte Martín






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