Tempo Rubato


It took me nine months to give birth to TEMPO RUBATO. Like all of my discs, it is a product of love. It is made from life. From everything I gave and from what was given to me. Of the time that love stole from me and of the love that time gave me.


Its construction reflects and symbolises my profound respect for the wise and natural flow of years and life. And it is the synthesis of my inevitable departure from the rules in order to throw myself into the arms of all that is vibrant and true. It is a work constructed by life itself; I only had to add the lyrics and the music. And all the years that have passed since the moment I decided it would be my sound diary up until the moment of birth are proof that what really matters to me is the journey. The end is only the summary; the unquestionable truth that only time knows and reveals, and to which I have surrendered.


TEMPO RUBATO is my cardiogram; a musical blueprint of my life and loves.


The idea first came to me 22 years ago, and it grew inside me, feeding on experience. It grew with every love story that was born and died and with every wound that led me to write a new story, without knowing or caring when it would be shared. More than half of the life I have lived has gone into this piece of work.


Witnessing the birth of an idea and then watching it mature until it becomes something solid and tangible that will outlive you, is a beautiful and magical process.


In between, there is time, patiently waiting for you to give it form as you listen attentively to the heartbeats of life, understanding them as the implacable pulse of absolute truth, travelling slowly, taking each step at precisely the right time. So precisely, that it becomes apparent that it’s the decisions that choose you.


Then comes the choice of which colleagues should fall in love with your idea; and with you; and you with them, because generating art is an act of love.


After, comes a long road of intense, delicate, and meticulous work to ensure there is not a single crack through which the essence of what you conceived can escape.


It’s just like raising a child. You must instil your principles in him, your vision of life; ensure he grows in love and for freedom, that he lives truthfully and honestly.


Later, you’ll watch him fly, knowing that he will travel the globe with the principles you gave him and that you will go on living through him; knowing that he will do good and be a positive and beautiful thing in somebody’s life.


Those principles guide me in everything I do, including TEMPO RUBATO. They are the ones through which we have both grown, and the ones I hope will fly this album all over the world when I am no longer here; they are the only ones that open the doors to the soul; all others close them.


But I prefer those doors to stay open. Because I live freely; and for me, making music is as natural as breathing, putting the dots and commas where they need to be so that I can say exactly what I want to say, at a pace dictated solely by the heartbeat of my truth. I have never abided by any type of rule that forced me to submit to parameters other than my own.


That’s why TEMPO RUBATO was born after I had travelled so far on my journey. Because that’s when it made sense, and that’s why it is an album made of and for those who conceive art and life as a unique opportunity to be who we are. And I am happy in the knowledge that it will forever be a part of all the people who truly understand where it comes from.


Mayte Martín

MAYTE MARTÍN guitar and vocals
AMAT SANTACANA violoncello
XIMO CLEMENTE double bass
VICENS SOLER percussion





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